Monday, March 26, 2007

Important Posts

Here is THE important info for the weekend. If you want to bookmark this post, the URL is:

Places to Stay

Where can you stay? Well, there are many choices. . .

here is a list of places to stay in the area: (feel free to find your own accomodations). For a map of all these places, click here. I'll try and make the places RED as people get them booked.

  • EarthDance - FRIEND OPTION #1!!! (where we'll do the wedding) has dormitory style housing with communal bathrooms. There are some spaces also on tent platforms. Food is provided at a nominal additional cost, which is great cause there aren't really restaurants close by earthdance. Email us at rosswig at gmail dot com to reserve your room. If you want to stay with friends, check the room configuration (Basement, First Floor, Second Floor) and ask for either specific rooms or to be placed with specific peoples when you write. Otherwise, we'll deal with who stays with who. ;) IMPORTANT - do NOT call EarthDance, they do NOT take reservations. This all must be done through us. thanks.
    • EarthDance Costs are as follows:
    • Bed in a Shared Room = $60/night/person
    • Bed on a Tent Platform (with full building access for showers, toilets, etc) = $40/night/person (the tent platforms have cots)
    • Your Own Tent (with full building access for showers, toilets, etc) = $30/night/person
    • Food for lodgers/tenters served at Earthdance = Saturday Breakfast, Lunch (for Dinner we will host a BBQ), Sunday Breakfast, Lunch. Food is included in your lodging costs, as is access to showers, 24 hour tea and snacks, sauna, and of course, the lovely dance studios and spaces.
  • The Hill Gallery, Walter Korzec
    137 East Windsor Rd.
    Worthington, Ma. 01098
    413 238-5914
    For 2 couples; rooms blocked, guests must book by June, Private bath, breakfast, 6th and 7th blocked, $100.00 per night

  • East Windsor Guest House, Sue and Dick Jacobs
    565 Worthington Rd.
    Windsor, Ma. 01270
    413 684-3191
    3 guest rooms all upstairs; no blocking of rooms, 3 rooms share 2 baths; 1 upstairs and 1 down, 2 twin beds, 1 double, 1 queen, There’s a cat in the house! Breakfast is included; menu adjusted to needs, $75.00 a night for double occupancy, 15 minutes from Earthdance
  • Swiss Chalet, Vicky Russin-Nash
    P.O. Box 8
    Cummington, Ma. 01026
    413 634-2267
    6 miles from Earthdance, Blocked for 2 couples and rooms held up to beginning of Sept. Shared bath, breakfast, adjusts menu to needs
  • Penrose Victorian Inn, Nancy and Dick Zimmer
    133 Main Street Rte 9
    Haydenville, Ma. 01039
    413 268-3014
    4 rooms, private baths; 1 bath across hall, $115.00, $125.00, $135.00; with breakfast. No children under 14. Saturday and Sunday—2 night minimum, Held until 6th of September
  • Flower Hill Farm, Carol and Sean Duke
    B & B and Retreat
    Williamsburg, Ma. 01096
    413 268-7481
    No blocking of rooms. Queen and single for 3 rooms (They are suites).
  • Worthington Inn, Debi & Joe Shaw
    Old North Rd. Rte 143
    Worthington, Ma. 01098
    413 238-4441
    3 rooms with private baths, $90.00 per night
  • 1886 House, Joe and Carol Lingg
    202 East Street
    Chesterfield, Ma. 01012
    413 296-02232
    2 rooms with private baths, 15 miles from Earthdance (20 minutes), Breakfast and adjusts menu to dietary needs, $100.00 (1st floor) and $130.00 (2nd floor)
  • Brennan’s Inn, Julie, Maureen
    413 634-5493
    5 minutes from Earthdance, 3 rooms; 1 queen, 1 twins, 1 double w/ shared bath upstairs, 3 more baths downstairs, $80.00 per night with breakfast, Game room downstairs

  • Northampton Hotel - 413 587-8105 - right in the center of town (Northampton), close to restaurants, shopping and more. Ask for rooms blocked off for the Ross/Ludwig wedding.
    25 rooms blocked for Sunday until Sept. 6th
    10 rooms blocked for Saturday until Sept. 6th
    $210.00 per night
    ** Bus will run from this location on day of wedding **

  • Clarion Inn in Northampton (pages here and here) - 1800 582-2929 - a bit outside of town (Northampton), but very nice. Pool for swimming. Ask for rooms blocked off for the Ross/Ludwig wedding. Blocked until Sept. 6th
    At exit 18, out of center of town, They are 50% booked now.
    From $145.00, address: One Atwood Dr. Northampton, Ma. 01060
    ** Bus will run from this location on day of wedding **

  • Pittsfield is also fairly close to Earthdance, but the town is not as much fun as Northampton. There are a few motels in town should you choose to stay there.
  • For more info on each town, check out these links: Accommodations in Pittsfield, Accommodations in Northampton, also here for more Northampton places to stay, Accommodations in Amherst.

What not to bring

while we're trying to have a very positive weekend, and avoid the word "no" as much as possible, there are some things that you'd probably enjoy more at home than at earthdance. so, if it is not too much, please leave these things at home:

  • pets (there are some allergic folks who wouldn't be so happy)
  • high heels (we're in the country out here, and if it is at all wet, you won't be able to maneuver)
  • cell phones (they won't work at earthdance anyway)

What to Bring

Please bring some (or all) of the following to the party:

  • yourself
  • musical instruments (djembes, djun djuns, guitars, kazoos, percussion toys, congas, trombones, saxamaphones, trumpets, banjos, mandolins, bass guitars, sousaphones, etc)
  • comfortable clothes
  • sheets (if you are staying on earthdance property)
  • sleeping bag (if you are staying on a tent platform, or if you get cold easily)
  • comfortable shoes (hiking, long walks in the woods or the local streets are an option)
  • yoga mat (if you choose to do some yoga while you are there)
  • dance clothes (there are 2 beautiful dance studios on the property that are ours to use for the weekend)
  • flashlight
  • slippers (for inside since shoes are a no-no inside the buildings)
  • swimsuit (there is a sauna and a quarry for our use, although clothing is optional . . .)
  • frisbee, soccer ball, football, etc
  • readings, blessings, sharings for the couple
  • beautiful, loving, positive energy


If you want to carpool, this is the place for you. Whether you're a crunchy hippy, don't have a car, just want to meet cool new friends, or are coming in from out of town, we encourage you to carpool. Please use this even if you are only going from Northampton to Earthdance! And please offer a ride to those "stuck" in Northampton! Thanks!

Here's the scoop:
* To OFFER a ride - please post a comment to the blog with your departure date and location (ie - leaving Somerville on Friday, Oct 5 at noon) as well as the space you have available (ie - we have room for 2 adults and 3 cases of wine) either for people or wedding goods (we're doing a lot on our own, and would love assistance transporting materiel). please include an email or phone number so ride needers can accept.

* To LOOK for a ride - please post a comment with your hoped for departure date location, and any other fun info. please include an email or phone number so people can get in touch.

In either case, you can of course just respond to another persons comment . . .

Earthdance Map

Directions are on the Earthdance site or you can click on the map to the left and then put in your start point. . .

Earthdance is located at:
252 Prospect St.
Plainfield, MA 01070

Flying Information

You can fly to several airports nearby and several not so nearby. Getting from the airports to Earthdance can be done by shuttle or carpool. Don't forget to do a little carbon offsetting (Terrapass is one fine place to do this).

We LOVE for finding cheap flights.

Closest Airport: Hartford/Springfield, CT: Bradley International Airport
Other airports nearby are Boston (Logan International) and Albany, NY, and even further afield are the NYC area airports (JFK, La-Guardia, Newark, Stewart).
To Get To Northampton, MA from Bradley International:
  • Valley Transporter; (413) 253-1350; Cost: $45 from Bradley to anywhere in Northampton; Schedule: call to arrange (a good option). Bradways Limo Service; (800) 325-1976; Cost: $65-70 to Northampton; Call to arrange times. For more options, click here.
To get to Earthdance from Northampton, MA:
  • check out the carpool options, or get in touch with Alli/Erich so we can help coordinate a ride to Earthdance. Getting a ride back to Northampton can be coordinated while at Earthdance.