Monday, March 26, 2007

Flying Information

You can fly to several airports nearby and several not so nearby. Getting from the airports to Earthdance can be done by shuttle or carpool. Don't forget to do a little carbon offsetting (Terrapass is one fine place to do this).

We LOVE for finding cheap flights.

Closest Airport: Hartford/Springfield, CT: Bradley International Airport
Other airports nearby are Boston (Logan International) and Albany, NY, and even further afield are the NYC area airports (JFK, La-Guardia, Newark, Stewart).
To Get To Northampton, MA from Bradley International:
  • Valley Transporter; (413) 253-1350; Cost: $45 from Bradley to anywhere in Northampton; Schedule: call to arrange (a good option). Bradways Limo Service; (800) 325-1976; Cost: $65-70 to Northampton; Call to arrange times. For more options, click here.
To get to Earthdance from Northampton, MA:
  • check out the carpool options, or get in touch with Alli/Erich so we can help coordinate a ride to Earthdance. Getting a ride back to Northampton can be coordinated while at Earthdance.


Anonymous said...

Check also a site called Trabber. Here is the address -

Seema Patel said...

Can't wait til the big day, you two! For those still flight hunting, another great travel site which monitors flight price ups & downs: