Thursday, December 14, 2006

party places

so any ideas for other party places in nyc? cause this galapagos place is nice. nice and expensive. so we're looking for a more mello smaller place.
and yes, we did find some stuff at gaiam that is more or less reasonable. nice nice stuff.
anyone still readin this? or am i blogging to the thin air?

Monday, December 11, 2006


so i certainly wasn't aware of many things around this whole marriage business (and i do mean business), but one of the many ramifications that took me by surprise of me asking arts to marry me was this whole registration thing.
so apparently, not only do people like to give wedding presents, but they also like to give engagement presents! which means that if we want to receive things we actually want, we have to register now. not later. which means right now we're trying to get that done at a few places so that we and our friends/family can be happy.
yesterday we went over to crate & barrel, the old wedding standby. we had heard stories of champagne, scanner fun, and general merriment. of course, it was not that. the scanner only took some inputs, and the folks there were nice (especially the woman who also does work with the AMC), but it was highly underwhelming. even the much hyped booklet was not known to the workers at c&b or available there.
we've also put our name into the system at, rei, gaiam. haven't added anything to rei or gaiam yet, and gaiam yet, but stay tuned. anyway, all too much consumption in my book, but we've agreed to give 10% of all cash gifts to charity, and since justgive let's us give to good places, i'll be happy to spread the wealth that way.

party part2

so our friends over at galapagos haven't got back to us yet. so if you have other suggestions for other party places in nyc, please let us know.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


the parents of art have graciously and generously offered to host an engagement party for us! we're thinking feb, nyc, galapagos . . .
we'll see if it all works out, or if we have to go somewhere else. but it should be a fun party. maybe even an after party if we all still have energy . . .