Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Gift Registration

We both feel blessed that we have everything we truly need and more, and more material possessions are far down on our list of needs. We also consider your presence in our life a HUGE gift and are grateful for your visits, calls, emails, and positive energy.

However, we have started a few registries for your viewing and for our entertainment!

We would be overjoyed if people choose to donate to a NGO/good cause/charity with us in mind, and we've also set something up with justgive.com that will allow you to donate to one of our favorite charities in lieu of a gift to us.

The gift registries in our name exist at:

  • justgive.com - some of the causes that we would love to have you donate to in our honor (go to that link and search for our last names)
  • thehoneymoon.com- (you can help us have a fun time in Spain and Portugal!) - follow the link or just go to thehoneymoon.com and search for our last names
  • Crate and Barrel - bare necessities
  • Gaiam - some nice organic cotton sheets and such (go to the link and search by our names)
  • Macy's- oh, how domestic we are becoming!
  • REI - some fun outdoorsy stuff
  • William Sonoma - the high-end life long stuff (knives, pots, pans, etc)
  • FireOpal - some very unique glassware, pottery etc from local artisans
  • other stuff we might like, but are not at these stores
    • frames for photos/art - sizes: get in touch

Thank you for your generosity!!