Monday, March 26, 2007

What to Bring

Please bring some (or all) of the following to the party:

  • yourself
  • musical instruments (djembes, djun djuns, guitars, kazoos, percussion toys, congas, trombones, saxamaphones, trumpets, banjos, mandolins, bass guitars, sousaphones, etc)
  • comfortable clothes
  • sheets (if you are staying on earthdance property)
  • sleeping bag (if you are staying on a tent platform, or if you get cold easily)
  • comfortable shoes (hiking, long walks in the woods or the local streets are an option)
  • yoga mat (if you choose to do some yoga while you are there)
  • dance clothes (there are 2 beautiful dance studios on the property that are ours to use for the weekend)
  • flashlight
  • slippers (for inside since shoes are a no-no inside the buildings)
  • swimsuit (there is a sauna and a quarry for our use, although clothing is optional . . .)
  • frisbee, soccer ball, football, etc
  • readings, blessings, sharings for the couple
  • beautiful, loving, positive energy

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