Thursday, December 14, 2006

party places

so any ideas for other party places in nyc? cause this galapagos place is nice. nice and expensive. so we're looking for a more mello smaller place.
and yes, we did find some stuff at gaiam that is more or less reasonable. nice nice stuff.
anyone still readin this? or am i blogging to the thin air?


Anonymous said...

I am here and checking regularly!

Mama A

Kate said...

Als (Arts) I've been meaning to post a congratulations note! I'm so excited for you both. Can't wait to celebrate! P.S. Hi Mama Arts :) Much Love, Kates

Emily said...

did you guys look into AL DI LA or convivium osteria? i sent arts the links. let me know if you need more suggestions!

mchas said...

Have several friends checking places that are "cool". Have a contact at Plataforma "Brazilian", that I am considering if they can do it buffet style. Will wrap this up the first week of the year. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Florida. Love B & C