Wednesday, January 10, 2007


this whole wedding business is exhausting!
we've got the engagement party all set. got the invites out. and i (we) are very excited and thankful to have a chance to bring together our families for this little party.
we're also facing the challenge of wanting to do the wedding in 2007, but know that we want to do it outside, and know that we want to bring people together to help us celebrate us for more than just one day. and we have lots of friends, and lots of family, and lots of family friends. and not many places can do all that before the weather turns iffy in the fall.
so think good thoughts, think happy thoughts, and think open calendar thoughts. and if you know of any places that fit those somewhat vague criteria, please drop us a line . . .
p.s. - thanks to papaD for the engagement photo session. if you want to see what we did, drop a line and we'll send you the link . . .

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