Sunday, November 19, 2006

open thread

if you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments here on this post and we'll answer them in comments or in new posts!


Papa D said...

This has the makings of quite a love story! We are looking forward to further chapters as the years roll by.

Mama A & Papa D

Spincycle said...

Wow. That was beautiful reading, I was laughing and holding back tears at the same time. Now, I've known you two for awhile, but never heard the "Arts & Entertainment" reference before. You two goofballs definitely belong together! :-) I am so happy for you both.

Much Love,

Jim Sowers (SpinCycle)

Emily said...

HOLY SHEETBALLS! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo filled with complete and utter happiness for you two. I love you both very veryyyyyyy muchoooooooo.

Emsela aka "Girl"

franny said...

what a joyous occasion!!! i am so happy for you both.

i just heard an ancient rabbinic quote that the only logical reaction to revelation is LAUGHTER!
(arts, apparently you're logical. who knew?! :) )

all my love you both. beautiful beautiful and i cannot wait to see you!


shmeens said...

Felicitations! Hooray! I hardly ever get to see you two (much the sadder am I) but I think I suspected this all along...


Lucy said...

Dear Arts and Ents.

That's so cool!! Congratulations from all in Dublin, London and Kent! You got a Guinness toast from all the friends I was with on Friday night.

Can't wait to see you in Dec. Lots of love, Lucy xxx (P.S. I'm stealing your story for one of my shows...)

hayzelmoon said...

Alli and two are so beautiful! Mmmhhhh....when I think about the kind of love that I see and feel between the two of you, it puts my soul at ease - so keep loving each other like this and know that you're creating a powerful ripple effect and shining your love and light on the world around you - there is hope for this world...! ;)

much love to you...and congratulations! Samantha